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Outalot.comJust as the name suggests, is a site for people are just that—out a lot.


This is a local search engine with information on bars, restaurants, shopping, and movies. Users select one of the four categories, and from there, they are directed to subcategories, such as Cajun in food, Documentary in film, and Irish in bars. After the subcategories, specific location listings are provided, complete with a Google Map plotting, and details on the location. Users can choose to go on and find out more about a specific location by being linked directly to its website. Users are encouraged to submit their own location suggestions to help build the site. In Their Own Words

“Outalot is the easiest and most interesting way to find out what’s happening around you. Outalot’s service is available on the web, iPhone, and mobile handsets by visiting”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a thorough listing of things to do and see, and encourages users to send feedback and help update the site. Even more engaging activity with users, linking to more social networks, as well as current event listings, would enhance the site and keep it actively updated.

Some Questions About

What other geographic areas can be represented? What current event happenings could be listed to keep the site fresh and updated?


Author : Bill Webb

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