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Ourfootdoctor.comOurHealthNetwork.com is the ultimate online virtual-doctor site.

The idea is to help people suffering from pain or any other symptom to find reliable information about their conditions, and affordable medical-grade products to relieve them. At the start people will find a human body picture that can be use as a map for selecting the area that is in pain, for example, the feet. After the selected area is click the person is redirected to a page where board-certified specialists, who are experienced and renowned in their fields, write about the very conditions that he is wondering about. The site is secure and also offers a medical product store where people can buy a lot of things that may be specify by the doctors who write in OurHealthNetwork.com. People can also find testimonials of patients who used this site and have been surprised by it as they found what they were looking for. Ourfootdoctor.com