– More Than Second Amendment Debate

OpenCarry.orgKeys? Check, Phone? Check, Gun? Check. That’s basically OpenCarry.

org’s tenets boiled down to the basics: this internet-based group is all in favor of owning a gun, and also carrying it for anyone to see it, and what it does, in short, is to provide people with the elements to exercise their rights as per guaranteed by the law: in this site, users will be able to find extensive information on state and federal regulations regarding carrying a gun in a visible place and in different situations, like a restaurant, a park or in college. The site stimulates people to get to know their own rights and exercise them according to the text of the law, and in order to do that a variety of petitions are available in the site which you can sign and help distribute. Extensive information on media coverage and buzz generated around the site and its advocacy campaigns can be watched on the site, though I feel that the power of web 2.0 and viral marketing has been slightly overlooked: some badges or banners to embed in blogs or social network profiles would be a good idea, as would be RSS feeds.