– Electronic Network is the Oregon Public Electronic Network site, a program supported by many in the Salem Public Library, is putting to an end this June.

No longer accepting new subscribers, the older subscribers still have until the end of this June, having time to see their websites statistics, hoping it becomes a hit. With suggestions on how to make and how not to make a successful website, with a page-tutor and an introduction; assisting you as well with information on images and backgrounds, and image maps. Including the introduction of CGI support, design with Mackintosh or Windows, Virtual domains, and explaining the importance of using password protection, and even suggesting some reliable sites. In the Tech Support Area, it helps enormously with the billing, the dial up issues, e-mail, security, free software, among others. Offering information that will make things easier, with the top support pages or other supporting resources, assisting in many daily difficulties any one can have.