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Oolone.comDo we need yet another search engine in a world of heavy-hitters such as Google, Bing and even Yahoo? The people who’ve created Oolone certainly think we do, they think there’s Internet users out there who can’t find what they need half as fast as they’d like to find it. And that’s what they’ve set out to change. They’ve created what can only be defined as a visual search engine. The results for anything you look up on are presented as big slides, showing you the pages with the information you’re after. You’ll know exactly where the link will take you without even having to click on it.


These results will be shown four slides at a time, and the site’s got a couple of filters you can use to get more accurate results. There’s one for “News”, and there’s another for “Images”. And there’s also an adult filter that’s going to be really handy if you’re helping your children do their homework, and you want to keep unwanted content from surfacing.

It’s hard to say how successful something like this can become. It lets you find results in a way that’s easier to relate to. But will that be enough to make people use it regularly? We’ll see… In Their Own Words

Visual search engine. Open your eyes to the web.

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What about adding some add-ons or bookmarklets? To which extent can that be done?


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