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Onlinehousetrading.comWhat I’m selling, What I’m looking for, and Who I am. Those are the necessary questions to find a good deal at Onlinehousetrading.

com. This site invites visitors to find their perfect real estate match by using its real estate selective search services. claims to be the solution to selling and buying in today’s slow real estate market. Unlike every other real-estate web-site that merely list homes for sale, has a database that combines information not only on properties available for sale but also properties that are sought by potential buyers. In today’s market the problem is not the lack of buyers or the lack of inventory; the problem is that buyers and sellers are not connecting. Much like an online dating service, works as a search engine to match the wants and needs of buyers to the same wants and needs of two property sellers within its database. It aims to be the vehicle that brings motivated buyers and sellers together.