search cancel – Vintage License Plates For Sale sells California vintage license plates. Here you can check all the restores plates for sale and get contact information.
You can find at this site pictures of original cars’ license plates as well as their prices. Some of them had been restored but other still preserve their original state.


In addition to that, you can also find pictures of different frames, like an old Pontiac Buick frame, or a Greensburg AMC frame at only $50. Pictures of Sutton frame, Mc Alister frame and 1950′ Ford frame are also included.

Besides, there are also Motorcycle license plates to be seen. You can choose between three of them of different years. Moreover, if you prefer trailers’ license plates, you can also see them at this site and buy them at a reasonable price. To contact them in order to ask any question or to buy something, there is an email address on the site.


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