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Oldfashionededucation.comOldfashionededucation.com is a free website offering a directory of free homeschool curricula, literature, and text books.

The idea behind this site is to help homeschooling families from the United States to choose their supplies and textbooks. So, here you can find links to free e-books you can download for free since they are Public Domain. Any work published before 1923 is now public domain, meaning you can download, print, copy, and reproduce these text for free and in any way you please. The site is sorted into different categories such as American history, biographies, grammar, health, science, geography, and economics, among many others. Each one of these categories displays a full list of all the public domains text available on the internet, with links to download them. Finally, if you wish to support the creators of this site, here you can make your own submissions as well as make donations online. Oldfashionededucation.com