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Ocwconsortium.orgThis is the official website of OpenCourseWare Consortium. Ocwconsortium.org gives you information about this international academic community of associated universities from around the world. On the site you will learn about this academical community and their open educational contents. Then, if you are looking for educational materials and online learning programs, you can visit this site.

No matter if you study in the United Kingdom or you study in the United States, you can use Ocwconsortium.org. This website offers a free online digital publication with educational materials. If you want to get university degrees online, feel free to stop by this site.

In case you want to get an online degree, you can visit Ocwconsortium.org and study by using distance learning programs. On the site you will find educational materials and you can also search for university courses. Therefore, to register online and sign up for free monthly newsletters, you need to enter this site. Ocwconsortium.org