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Nycers.orgThe New York City Employees’ Retirement System is online at, where their 300,000 members or anyone interested in this retirement plan can check its many benefits and activities.

Founded in 1920, it is today the largest municipal public retirement system. It determines the allowances of beneficiaries according to the person?s years of service, age, and compensation base. is seriously engaged in getting the best service possible for its employees. The three main ideas by which they strive to achieve this are making timely payments, use the latest technology for organizing its work (of which an example is a Voice Recognition System to protect users? ID) and make the best investments with the funds of the organization.

Apart from receiving pensions the plan offers other benefits which you can see at the Benefits of members section of the site. Among these are included death or disability benefits, access to loans from Nycers (if you statisfy eligibility requirements), or transfer credited service from other public employee retirement systems.

Through, users can create an account to check online every detail they may be concerned about, like changing their address and other personal information or schedule an appointment with costumer service representatives. Reporting deaths of members or pensioners can be done without signing in, the person who reports will have to fill a form with some fields about himself and nothing more.

Other online applications are a section for finding out about the different retirement plans and advice on how to advice, and a complete list of links to other institutions that may have something to do with retirement, insurance, health, and other similar issues. In Their Own Words

NYCERS performs many functions for active members and retirees alike. Among other things, each year NYCERS issues approximately 50,000 loans and processes thousands of refunds and buy-back applications. For retirees, NYCERS verifies retirement allowances, calculates Cost-of-Living-Adjustments, and much more.

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Everyone must think about retirement sooner or later. provides the best tool possible for workers who are in employed by the New York state.

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Do other retirement systems offer online managing tools like does?