– N’al Republican Senatorial Committee

Nrsc.orgThere’s no escaping the campaign now, and there’s still some time to go yet, so one might as well assume it and stop fighting it, and thus here’s the online campaign headquarters for the Senate Republicans. If you enjoy watching politicians in action, are a politic theory aficionado or just Tracy Flick’s doppelganger, schedule some time to closely inspect this smartly designed site, where you can take a look at some viral campaign tactics, for instance: you can visit the profiles of the republican candidates to the senate in all major social network sites, take a look at highlights from the campaign in flickr, or listen to past speeches and presentations, plus TV spots by following the links to YouTube videos, take a look at other senatorial bookmarks in digg, and even read twitter entries; if you favor longer posts, you’ll probably feel more comfortable visiting the blog area of the site.

But it’s not just about watching movies and pictures here, as you can read information on what the guys on the other side of the fence are doing, and promptly sign petitions against any actions you disagree with, or you can donate for your local Senate candidate just by typing in the amount of your donation next to the smiling snapshot.