– Your Weather Forecast Online is the web site for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

If you want to be informed about weather conditions all around the United States 24/7, you can check out this web site. The Noaa provides you with the daily forecasts, and warns you about storms and hurricanes as well. On the Noaa’s web site you can find weather, satellites and ocean conditions as well as river and lakes levels. You can also see news regarding climatic conditions on the home page, so you can always catch up with weather conditions. On the “education” section, you’ll find Noaa’s educational activities for teachers, as well as for students. Also you can find contact info and links. You can also access the Noaa’s research projects, read, and support them. So if you are interested in knowing what’s going on with everything that surrounds you, from top to bottom and from earth to water, you can visit