Njoyed.com – What Have You Enjoyed?

Njoyed.comNjoyed.com is a micro-blogging platform for people to share things that they have enjoyed.

Unlike review or recommendation sites, Njoyed is about expressing yourself through what you have experienced. As Pink Floyd once put it ‘and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.’

Njoyed is very similar to Twitter in structure, as it allows people to discover things through people beyond their group of friends. The site is also designed for bloggers who can add their Njoyed Stream to their blog and share the things that they’ve Njoyed with their readers.

On the site you’ll be able to find out what members are enjoying. There are a number of categories to look though including accessories, beauty, books, electronics, hotels, magazines, movies, music, online videos, people, places, stores, TV shows, websites, and much more. On the home page you’ll see the most recently added things Njoyed, and by clicking on the “popular” tab, you’ll see what things are the most popular amog Njoyed members.