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Nj.comDo you need the latest scoop on your home state’s activities? You know you need to know what is going on in the local community before your whole neighborhood does, right? You don’t want to be the last one to find out all the big news. Nj.

com is the source for all your local news and entertainment in New Jersey. The site contains local news stories, business commentary, sports updates, and various forums so you can vent your spleen. The site has many links to all different kinds of beach cams so you can know the best place to set up camp along the Jersey shore. You can also look through all the latest photos and videos of the latest local town events so that you can look for faces that you might know. And, you can also check out the classified sections if you are looking to buy or sell something of your own. Make sure to check out the Nj.com the next time you are in the New Jersey area. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss the Boss in his own backyard, would you? Nj.com