Nhtsa.gov – Traffic Safety And Regulations

Nhtsa.govThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has the objective of enhancing traffic safety, and preventing injuries and fatalities due to vehicle-related crashes. The site contains information on how to keep child passenger safe, by means of the use of child seats, and it features a full list of laws, regulations, and guidance.

A Press Room highlights the latest developments, whereas the most recent studies and reports can be found on the corresponding page. There is a section that deals with fuel economy, too. Research on vehicle safety is also available online, provided by the Vehicle Safety program, and it can be consulted anytime. The site includes a database of recalls, defects and complaints. A toll-free number is provided, and it can be used to report safety defects in vehicles and related equipment. Likewise, it can be used to obtain information on highway safety, and the proper use of child safety seats. Nhtsa.gov