– Federal Reserve Bank of NY

NewYorkFed.orgAs the official site for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is a very informative site regarding all the aspects of this public institution, its mission and role in the domestic and international monetary and economic policies.

The site presents lots of white papers, indexes, documents, reports and indexes that will interest a large audience, from public servants and consultants to economics students from the US and abroad. also carries strictly educative information for diverse levels: from elementary school to postgraduate studies, anything you might need to complete and assignment or prepare a class. Interestingly, this site also presents a general information area which carries useful information for the layman on taxing, getting a loan, recommendations for e-banking, and even a tutorial on how to file a complaint against a bank. Less technical interests are also addressed, so that users can explore the institutional information, like president and chair information, plus learn about some exhibits that take place at the Bank’s offices. If you’ll be visiting Manhattan and want to visit the bank, you can schedule a tour using the site; if you won’t be in NY, take a look at the several photo galleries presenting the history of the institution.