– The Shawnee News-Star

News-Star.comYou don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that The Shawnee News-Star is the local daily paper for Oklahoma’s city of Shawnee, and that this site is the digital version of the printed paper. It caters for the community needs by providing a wide variety of local news and several in-depth reports on varied topics, most notably security issues, local government’s initiatives and, of course, the presidential campaign.

You will not find much international news at this site, rather more community-focused news and special online-only features, such as video interviews, exclusive podcasts and a nice selection of political and lifestyle blogs, plus all of the special sections that the paper publishes as supplements –including the classifieds section– can also be viewed in the site in ePaper format. If you are up to some kind of research of the area, you’ll probably be very happy to learn that all of the paper’s archives are available for free through the site, dating back to 1997. One of the things that sets this site apart from other local papers digital versions is the fact that there is no limit to the articles you can access through the site (you won’t be asked for your subscription details to read any full article), plus there’s lots of useful information available, including advertising pricing.