– The Newberry Library is one of the world’s leading independent libraries.

It has been helping many students, teachers, undergraduates, with their materials and resources. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. They not only have a large collection of books but also offer educational programs for both students and teachers. On their site you can read about their services, educational partnerships, library users, mission statement, etc. In addition, there are different sections including collections and catalogues, scholars and teachers, public programs, genealogy, events and calendars, etc. Within their collections you can access many maps and cartography, as well as manuscripts and archives. African American studies, British history, continental European history and literature, genealogy and local history, Latin American history, religion, and music are among the subject areas within Newberry’s collections. Regarding manuscripts, there are dance manuscripts, Indians manuscripts, railroad archives, civil war manuscripts, and manuscripts on printing history, Spanish colonial American manuscripts, and more.