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NetCooks.comBetter than World Cuisine is net cuisine, a database of recipes from around the world that doesn’t really want to make an aesthetic or ethic statement, but just help people eat great stuff that people on the other side of the globe have come up with, so whether it is your secret recipe for Bolognese, or you Grandma’s mix for chocolate chip cookies, spread the comfort through

In order to pull this, the site encourages all its visitors to submit their recipes (in English), regardless of how fancy or casual they might be, and sort them out into a general category, which could be salads, pasta and rice, pizza and sandwiches, different kinds of meats, one-dish meals, desserts, cakes, breads, etc. If you came across some recipe that needs strange stuff you can’t get in your local grocery, consider taking a look at the ‘Substitutions’ area to see how you can make your own allspice, or how to make bread rise without baking powder. Under the ‘Tips and Hints’ tag you’ll find useful information that’s always good to know, like adding a pinch of sugar to tomato sauce will make it less greasy.