– Pimp up your Blog

Neoworx-Blog-Tools.netAs a site fully devoted to offering free and paid widgets and counters for blogs, is a source of nicely designed counter widgets that will allow blog owners with no programming background to track where their visitors come from in a graphical way, as the counters have several different looks, for instance there’s one that looks like the iPhone display, only it presents the location of the blog’s visitors as a flag cloud (works exactly like a tag cloud, only using flags).

You can also explore other options, like the ones with moving letters showing from which cities your visitors come from; users can also take a look at the NeoEarth, a widget that presents this same information on a rotating globe, highlighting the places where visitors come from. All the widgets can be tested in their full functions for 14 days, and once that time has elapsed, users can choose to upgrade for premium paid services, or keep a simpler version of the widgets.