NDT.org – Inspection and Nondestructive Testing

NDT.orgAnd the acronym trivia of the day is that NDT or Nondestructive Testing is the technical name used to describe diagnostic methods used to determine whether a living (or not) structure is functioning properly; it is usually applied to the industrial field, and there are people and whole companies who do this kind of job. Both groups sum up the target audience of this site, which is a directory cum job board for the NDT market, as users can submit company profiles to be included in the index of business, post job openings, upload their résumé to be featured in the website, or take a look at the industry news, which cover everything from latest scientific news to companies whose methods have been approved by authorities and even what market leaders have launched a new website, though unfortunately the news are based on press releases and not much original reporting.

You can get in touch with the buzz by creating an account in the site and joining one of the several forums, which deal with the sub-types of non destructive testing in different areas of interest, like fluid leakage or acoustic emission. NDT.org