– NC State Surplus Agency

Ncstatesurplus.comThe North Carolina State Surplus Property Agency has the objective of disposing of property that has been declared surplus. To these ends, the property is transferred or sold to other agencies or political subdivisions.

Likewise, surplus property is disposed of by means of selling it to the public. The available property can be perused online at, along with recent bid openings, and information on recently awarded bids. Instructions to prospective bidders are provided on the corresponding page, which includes guidance on how to complete the bid sheets that are employed for such ends. Payment terms are covered in a concise manner, and aspects such as multiple invoicing are well-catered for therein. Moreover, a frequently asked questions page offers guidance on a wide host of issues, ranging from the binding force of the bid sheet to the notification of bids. In addition to that, links to related sites of interest such as the North Carolina Unclaimed Property Office are provided.