– National History Day Contest (NHD) is an organization for elementary and secondary school students.

The NHD organizes various contests, where the focus is on the history of a particular topic selected by the student. Students are required to carry out extensive research on their chosen subject, after which they are submitted for review by the NHD, in the spring. Research takes the form of papers, exhibits, performances and documentaries, on a local, state and national level. The program reaches a climax when the NHD hold their national competitions, at the University of Maryland, every June. Needless to say, the aim of this program is to help students develop such skills as critical thinking and problem-solving, research and reading skills, oral, written and communication skills, presentation skills, and it also contributes to building up student’s self esteem and confidence, thus equipping them to become successful in their chosen careers. The site is very instructive with extensive information relevant to the contests themselves, awards and scholarships, grants, lesson plans, teacher conferences, debates, as well as news, events and stories, among others.