– Online Info On Breast Cancer

Nationalbreastcancer.orgThe National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) can be found online at

It provides women information, overview, and, ultimately, resources to deal with such a grave (and unfortunately commonplace) disease. The site gives support and advice to overcome the initial shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer, by means of an hour-long interactive presentation, which is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. This presentation was created by physicians, and it is a helpful resource not only for individuals who are diagnosed, but to their families and friends as well. The site features a library that is constantly updated, and which can be browsed by category. These include “Breast Cancer Basics”, “Screening And Prevention”, “Breast Cancer Treatment”, and “Living With Breast Cancer”. Likewise, a FAQ file is available, and it compiles questions which are often asked as far as the nature and prevention of breast cancer is concerned. Lastly, the site includes profiles and journals of breast cancer survivors and supporters of the cause, which are an uplifting read.