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NanaWall.comThis site is an absolute essential in any interior designer’s bookmark section. NanaWall.

com is home for a homonymous studio focusing on creating and developing floor-to-ceiling glass windows with exquisite and efficient design, which in turn means more flexibility and adaptability to projects large and small, luxurious or casual, for home or business. By visiting this site, users will be able to take a look at a portfolio of projects they’ve done, learn about how their windows work by watching lots of animated diagrams and, most importantly, see them fit in real-life shops, hotels, churches and homes. The site is gorgeously designed, and is very easy to use, plus provides lots of useful information. Still, one of my favorite bits is the ‘Select Wizard’, which is a short form that will guide and help you choose the best NanaWall door for you specific use, décor, weather or security needs. You won’t be able to find any pricing information directly from the site, but enquiries are welcome and easily available, as a link to the contact area is provided in each page of the site.