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NameStation.comName Station is a very powerful workstation that is sure to make the day of any person who is trying hard to come up with a memorable domain name to go with the startup that he is to launch.


Such individuals will be allowed to generate one name after the other of random (and catchy) phonetic names. They will also be enabled to supply their very own keywords, and have them combined with preset wordlists.

If you think about it, the most memorable names for products and companies are often the result of nothing but chance. The ones who have to come up with them arrive at them by pure coincidence. A service like Name Station is the closest that you can come to cause such spontaneity into being.

Couple that with the full list comparing domain and hosting prices that is provided, and I think we will agree Name Station is the kind of site that new (and aspiring) webmasters should always keep close at hand. In Their Own Words

The intelligent domain search workstation.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can help any person who is new to the Web come up with an effective name from the very beginning.

Some Questions About

How does this compare to sites that provide similar services? Which is faster?


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