– Have A Coffee

NamasteCafe.comInstead of drinking a cup of coffee and then keep up with your daily activities, you can make a pause, drink a coffee, and do some thinking. At namastecafe.

com you will find lots of interesting texts and books, and other information that can help you questioning things while you are enjoying a cup of your favorite drink. Some of the books you will find are for personal growth, musical treasures, spiritual growth, and other free e-books. There is a section called “Namaste Café Plaza” in which you will see book and music recommendations, a Café Library room, desktop picture gifts, meditational rooms, divination tools, and much more. Furthermore, if you like to read some articles, stories, or poetry, you will find diverse texts within the site. Some of this latter are words of wisdom and empowerment, information for the curious mind, evolutionary thoughts, the study of metaphysics, etc.