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NakedApartments.comNaked Apartments is a brand new site that will empower anybody to look up an apartment, and do so very dynamically. Users of the site are provided with reviews of brokers as well as the resources for messaging anybody anonymously.

Besides, a reverse search feature will let users be contacted by brokers and landlords, and receive offers of apartments matching the criteria that they had submitted at the very beginning.

Furthermore, you can read reviews that other site users have left about this or that landlord and have further (and vital) elements that you can employ to determine whether things are as rosy as they seem or not. Of course, you will be capable of rating landlords and brokers in due time, and provide those who come behind with your insight.

The fact that you can remain anonymous until you decide to disclose who you are is a valuable attribute, but note that there is a “Direct Connect” option that will empower you to exchange contact information directly with brokers and landlords, and share your e-mail, phone and number with them. You can do it the way you please – one way or the other you will have a host of listings to go through. In Their Own Words

“Renting just got easier!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If renting an apartment is giving you a tough time, a site like this one might show you the way to go.

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When will the database become more encompassing?