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MyTravelDB.comSchool’s out for summer. This can only mean one thing: Vacation.

So where do you go? American airliners might as well be extremely overpriced greyhound buses, gas is not cheap by any means, and food is getting to expensive to eat too. In spite of the dire need to get a reprieve somewhere tropical with lots of fruity, exotic cocktails, the state of money is prohibitive. Luckily, if you want to find the perfect vacation for you, visit MyTravelDB, a database for tourists powered by Ning and ByKaee. Search for holidays and trips that suit you. Simply type in the place you want to go, and a list of sites, photos, blogs, etc pops up. Join to share your vacations, pics, blog etc. In Their Own Words

“MyTravelDB is a search engine for tourist powered by Ning and ByKàee.

Here You can search for a trip and other informations about your holiday.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You can never get enough vacation help. Travel is fun, but planning isn’t. So if you don’t want to get caught in a sticky situation while overseas, you’ll need to be informed. MyTravelDB can help educate you.

Some Questions About

What will users get out of MyTravelDB? The site is poorly made and the search results are abysmal? Why even make such a shoddy site?