– Service Of Automatic Payments is the website of SmartStreet.

This company offers the service of saving time by processing payments automatically. Customers also save money because they don’t charge fees for their services. It is a custom suite of banking services and tools that simplify cash management associations and management companies. They combine traditional commercial banking with the latest technology in order to build quality cash management solutions for the community association industry. The payment services that they offer are: lockbox, online images of processed checks and payment coupons, on-site check scanner, online payment services, auto-debit payments, e-check, credit card, and automatic bill-pay processing. In relation to operating and reserve accounts some of the benefits those customers have are: no fees for qualifying association, pay online assessment payments, calendars, document center, directories, newsletters, and much more. You can learn more about all the services available ate this website. If you have any feedback, or want some information not included at this site, you can contact them at the contact us category.