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MyPodcast.comHave you heard of the latest craze on the net? Have you heard of the latest revolutionary websites that allow you to listen to music live for free? The latest craze in the music scene is called Podcasts. The Podcast first came out when the Apple iPod was invented, or shortly after the release of the Apple iPod.

Have you ever logged online and listened to a radio program online for free? Well, the podcast is similar, only that you can transmit that signal to your iPod, or you can download the material for free and transfer and listen to that material on your iPod. Awesome, huh? If you have an Apple iPod and you would like to listen to programs or music that has got to do with just about everything in the world, then you need to start downloading some stuff on provides you with everything that you need in your ears now. Why not give it a try? Log on to now.