– Watch Your Games For Free is here to satisfy the needs of these sports fanatics who can’t rest until they have watched just every game being played. If you are one, you will find that stands as one of the most comprehensive resources found online for getting up-to-date schedules, and then for watching the actual matches right on your computer. That is accomplished by accessing the “Live TV” section, and picking the one game that you are interested in watching, either in its entirety or just for a little while. Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, cricket, tennis… all these sports can be watched right on your browser. And at no cost, too.

Alternatively, lets you watch sports on a peer-to-peer basis. This involves downloading some clients to your PC, and having a media player at hand – something like Windows Player or Real Player would work out more than fine. Chances are you will already have one such application installed on your computer, so that shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll be watching live sports on your computer within minutes of having downloaded a client and having launched it. And it’s vital to mention that is not just limited to sports. Far from it – there’s also lots and lots of live TV shows, all available at a mere click.

Just in case, a forum is provided for those who get stuck with the download, or who have problems with getting the software to work as intended.

Why It Might Be A Killer is perfect for when you are at the office and a game is on, and you want to check the score while the boss is not looking. And it is also great for these times you are at home and someone is hogging the TV, and you want to retreat to your computer to catch the news.

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What about adding a list with the most watched games by sport?

Updates seems to be down, maybe temporary, maybe forever. In the meantime, you can check a site like FreeTube instead.