– For The Employees Of My Lab Corp is an intranet for Lab Corp’s employees. Lab Corp is the known name for what once was Roche Biomedical and is now called Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, a company which manages a great network of laboratories all around the world. Only in the United States, 36 laboratories operate under Lab Corp.

The Lab Corp website explains that the company has 220000 clients, which include physicians, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Specialized in esoteric testing, genomic, and clinical and anatomic pathology, the Lab Corp network has over 28,000 employees worldwide. is where employees of such a great corporation can check their own info concerning their work, their payment and activities related to the company. If (as an employee of Lab Corp) you forget your password, a help section will take you through the steps to recover it. It all involves answering a security question correctly.

If you don’t remember the answer to the secret question, then you won’t be able to access the intranet at that moment, and you will have to contact the IT department of Lab Corp by phone, e-mail, or by a web form that you find on the page.

Spouses of employees can enter the Personal Health Assessment and the Carewise Health programs aimed at keeping a good health. You can get information about them in a link at the bottom of the page, with a form to complete if you are not a member yet. In Their Own Words

Meeting needs, changing lives.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A company which offers health care must have healthy and motivated employees, and that?s exactly what is here for.

Some Questions About

Does every Lab Corp employee know about this web service? Do they all use it?