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Myhomeequity.comDo you have a dream trip you want to make? How about remodeling your guest room? Maybe, financing an education? These all sound great indeed, but most people are just too tight paying for their mortgages. However, by using Citi’s home equity program you can get the best out of your home.

Equity is the difference between the price of the property used as collateral for your mortgage and the amount of money still owed to lenders. is part of the CitiGroup which ensures you’re getting a service from one of the top financial institutions on the planet. Furthermore, you can assess your property value and the interest rates yourself by using their calculators, which are simple to use and quite precise. They offer several different products that will certainly suit your interests well. You can contact a loan specialist and a financial consultant for free by calling Citi, otherwise you can check their FAQs.