search cancel – A Place For The Hood is an urban social network for the Hood, in which you will find lots if interesting and entertaining features.


In order for you to completely enjoy your visit to the site, you should become a member by filling a form with your personal information and specifying whether you are in the site for dating, networking, relationships, etc. From the page you will as well have the possibility of connecting with artists and discuss about art or about the topics you choose. New music and videos are also displayed on the site for you to check out. Browse the membersĀ“ profiles and find people to interact with via live chats; if you are looking for a date, you can even find a match here; who knows! In order to keep updated you should often check out the ghetto news section and find the latest information; if you want to see any video in particular, just click on it and thatĀ“s it.


Author : Bruce Turner

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