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After visiting you will start thinking about your retirement and the best possible choices for that stage of life. Because this website of Florida Retirement System has a great bunch of information in order to quench every doubt you may have on the subject, if you work in Florida.


Retirement may be through a defined pension or a defined contribution plan. The first one was the more generally used system until recent years and through it you received a monthly check once you reached retirement age. The defined contribution plan works in a different way. Its beneficiaries receive their retirement amounts based on contributions to a personal account and to the earnings of the investments made with those funds. In this way, the final revenue you receive as a retired worker will depend upon the risk you decided to take with those funds.

But you don’t need to worry in case you are not well learned in finances. will give you all the advice needed to secure a retirement plan that best suits you, and the important decisions will always be made by professionals.

The best choice as a first time visitor might be to get directly at the

Financial Planning & Counseling
option of the menu at the webpage. There you will see the different ways to ask for advice about the plans. You can do it by phone, ask for an appointment with a financial planner or find out about the workshops organized by the institution. Apart from these, of course, you have all the page to browse and read. All the mentioned contact services are for free.

Offering a more entertaining way to explain , the site includes also a test for trying your financial knowledge getting more insight into this issue. In Their Own Words

For more than 40 years, our mission at the FRS has been to provide high quality, competitive, and cost-effective retirement services to our members. In keeping with that mission, we’re continuing to develop and offer valuable personalized support resources to help members make informed decisions about their retirement.

Why It Might Be A Killer helps by giving knowledge to every worker from Florida about the best plans for retirement.

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Could it be that the website displays too many menus all at once and that the page seems too crowded at first sight?


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