– Family Life Communications

Myflr.orgFamily Life Radio reaches out to more than 15 million people. It started 42 years ago in Michigan, and it has been growing ever since.

The mission of this radio station is to spread the Gospel of Christ in a dark and fallen world. In order to do this, they broadcast the best Christian music, because they believe that it transmits a message that always points in the right direction. They want all their listeners to experience the abundance of the Lord. To find the station that works in your geographical area, you have to click on your state, at the map they provide. This website has a donation link that you can visit if you are willing to give something back to this community. You don’t need to worry about safety at this link, because it is protected by SSL certificates and encryption. Visit to find out everything there is to know about Family Life Radio, and about the other organizations that are part of the Family Life Communications community.