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MyFamilyBreak.comMyFamilyBreak is a network of like minded parents sharing their experiences on holiday destinations and hotels that are especially suited to cater to the needs of their kids. The site provides additional details along with general review of the destinations and accommodations, such as average cost, rate places, reasons why they are suitable for children, and can even upload photographs of the places visited.

Along with all this, a user can even post a link to the official website of the hotel they are reviewing. Posting a review in is free and it takes no more than 5 minutes to complete the review submission form. Once a review is submitted, a user can easily find the review through a simple search function of the website. Kids have special needs and that’s why while traveling with them we need to make sure that all those needs are fulfilled. Not all destination places and hotels in a particular city or country are friendly for kids. So if you are traveling with your little one, drop by the website and search for destinations and hotels that have been voted as ‘Child Friendly’.