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Mycpk.comCabbage Patch Kids is one of the most popular doll brands within the United States. It was created in 1978 by Mr.

Xavier Roberts, and it gained state-wide recognition in the year 1982 when Coleco began mass-producing the dolls. All the information about them can be found online at In addition to comprehensive coverage on the available models, the site features interactive contents such as games for the amusement of the younger ones. These include memory games and coloring books. Moreover, the site features a store locator where links to major Cabbage Patch Kids all across the territory of the United States can be found. On the other hand, A Frequently Asked Question page provides additional guidance on issues such as if it is possible to request a Cabbage Patch Kid with a specific name or birth date, along with the process for registering a Cabbage Patch Kid online.