My Care Pack – Care Packages for Inmates is a web store to buy and send Care Packages to friends or family members who are undergoing reclusion in correctional facilities and are not around you at the moment. Care packages are small packs containing food or supplies with relief purposes. The term is used in a generic way, although the expression is also trademark of the CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) humanitarian organization, which started using these during World War II.

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The My Care Pack store is partnered with Canteen Correctional Services, a company that specializes in providing support services for facilities and obtaining good selling prices for its clients. shares the mission of getting good products to inmates, but sent from family members or friends.

In the online shop you will find many categories of products that might come in handy for some inmate. Different kinds of snacks, entertainment gadgets such as a portable radio, sets of clothing, medicine, even phone time for making calls, are some of the things that can be ordered for the recipient. You can also find health and beauty items either for women or men, stationary objects, puzzles and more. The categories and number of products contained in them vary according to the location of the facility where you are sending them to.

Some restrictions apply to orders, though. For example, you are not able to send more than one package per week, and prepaid credit cards can’t be used either. The accepted cards are Visa, American Express or Mastercard. Should you order an item not allowed in the facility where the inmate is, My Care Pack will try to find an allowed substitute product. In case this can’t be achieved, you will be credited the amount you paid. The same thing happens when you order an item that is out of stock.

A search tool for finding the inmate you want to send something to is also available, by name or ID number. However, orders must always be placed under an inmate?s ID number, so make sure to get that right.

My Care Pack In Their Own Words

Everything you need to securely send a gift to your friend or loved one.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The website deals with a sensitive social issue, by offering a service which can somehow contribute to make things better for a group of people who are not going through the best of days.

Some Questions About My Care Pack

Is this the only web service for sending Care Packages?