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Musikki.comToday, the process of finding information about any artist that you have happened to discover on the radio has been simplified beyond belief. You can simply google him and be presented with links to his official site, to Wikipedia, to MySpace, to Facebook… learning who these artists who caught your ear are is a mere matter of visiting all these sites one after the other. It is all a mere matter of time.

And it turns out that such a process now has been simplified even more. This new search engine will let you find only pages that are 100 % related to the artist in question. You will get all his biographical information, his discography, access to all the videos that he has released (and that fans have shot using their mobiles)… in short: all the different sites that when taken together pant the whole picture of who any performer is. Nothing else will be featured on the search results. You will have to open not a single irrelevant link. In Their Own Words

Your music search engine.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really direct way of knowing all there is to know about any artist that you have happened to discover and like.

Some Questions About

Is a bookmarklet provided?