– Create Your Own Music Quiz

MusicChallenger.comDo you enjoy playing trivia games? Are you one of those people who just loves taking quizzes and sending them to friends? If you enjoy playing music trivia games on Facebook, may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

This Facebook application is a platform for creating and playing user generated “Name that Tune” style of music trivia quizzes.

Quiz creators have access to a large amount of audio content from the web and are given simple tools to clip the songs and create questions. This easy to use application combines two popular pastimes, trivia games, and music. In addition, because quizzes are user generated, there is a wide array to choose from.

You’ll find quizzes ranging from mainstream music, to little known artists, to movie theme songs, and much more. Besides naming the songs, you might be asked to name the artist, year, next line, or anything else that the author of the quiz has thought up. Whether you want to make up quizzes for your group of friends or have some fun taking quizzes made up by others, you’re sure to have fun with Music Challenger.