– A Search Engine Devoted To Music

Museeca.comIs there still room or need for a specialized search engine such as Museeca? It seems it is, as nobody would release a site that has no niche whatsoever. As you can see from the title of the review, it is aimed at those who are keen on music.

It will let you search the WWW high and low by applying a series of refinement labels. These include “MP3 Music”, “Ringtones”, “Lyrics”, “Guitar tabs” and “Music Videos”.

The site is good for what it is, but the one consideration that springs to mind is how much time could it really let you save. From what I tested, the one advantage is that you dispense with having to provide a minute query since the provided tags enable you to focus your attention right away. It is not that you are saving hours on end each time, it is more like you are avoiding some (minor) headaches. I really don’t know if that will be enough as to make people actively go for the site. I am a (big) music fan myself and I was not that enticed. It seems to me that this is one of these definitive cases in which the phrase “to each his own” holds more poignancy than ever. In Their Own Words

“Find music easily.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does yield accurate results, and if you are looking for (very) specific information it can let you save a couple of minutes.

Some Questions About

Can you carry out searches that combine multiple criteria at the same time?