– Cheer Up

Mspineapple.comIf you are about to be a cheer leader, you can surprise your team by introducing them new chants. You will be very welcome if you show compromise and interest.

At they can help you finding the chants for you to stand out. At their site you will see many sections, such as: the grind, express, web, resources, etc. On the grind section there are several links containing cheers and chants, stunts, motions, jumps, tumbling, etc. If you are an experienced cheer leader looking for new defence chants, you should check out this site then. Moreover, there are also offence chants. If you want to help your team succeeds and scored much more, you have to show them respect and admiration. Visit this site, find good chants and cheer up your fellows. In addition, there is a section where you can post your question or get helped by other cheer leaders and coaches. Plus, there are greeting cards, as well as a photo album available.