– Genuine Microsoft

MsftGenuineValidation.comAs part of the Microsoft network, is a site which allows users to check online whether their version of the OS is original and valid.

In order to do that, you have to install a plug-in to scan the software, and if your copy validates successfully, you will be able to read on about the program, subscribe for updates and other features as well. If it fails the test, you’ll get additional information to validate your copy and buy a license, and if you’ve been scammed and unknowingly bought a fake version, you can mail them in the CD with a printed (!) copy of their validation report, and get a complimentary new copy. Should you be curious about why Microsoft is doing a thing like this, you can follow the link to the information on the Microsoft Genuine Advantage program, where you’ll learn about the risks of running a pirate version of Windows on your computer, though no answers as to why on earth the original IE is so vulnerable to the MalWare they cite as the source of all evil.