– Cash-Back Rebate Shopping is a site that aims to help people stretch their dollars while making their shopping.

The system is very easy: you sign up to become a member and start shopping through the site at top online stores (including Saks, The Body Shop, Amazon and the like). Each store has a different rebate percentage, that goes from somewhere in between 3 to 30%, which means that by each dollar you spend, you accumulate 3 to 30 cents; once you reach a $25 minimum you can get the check mailed to you or receive a PayPal payment. Unlike its competitors, has a very open and honest business policy, as it presents all of the stores indexed by category, and next to them you can see what the rebate percentage is, so users can make a decision based on their interests and needs and not the companies. Also, the site features lots of coupons and freebies which can be used when buying from the featured stores, and those purchases will get rebates as well. Another cool way to get money back is to refer friends, as each referral will get you a couple of bucks, but happily this is optional, and there will be no nagging to submit more and more contacts.