– The Art of making good Coffee

MrCoffee.comI honestly can’t find a better way to spend a winter afternoon while watching TV, looking outside the window and seeing how it rains and spend quality time with those I love or enjoying being with. The picture in my mind includes not only the TV and the rain but the best coffee you ever tasted.

How? Well, you need a high-quality coffee maker and the best Colombian or Brazilian coffee, actually the website recommends their own Premium Coffee but what’s more important about the page is the ample selection of coffee makers and espresso makers you can find at Mr. Coffee. And for the best coffee, you can either use their coffee or buy some at the supermarket but I have an even better idea, grind by yourself the coffee beans and you will get the most delicious coffee experience in your life. For Britz and other tea lovers you can purchase iced tea makers which would be another good company and not only for a rainy winter day but also for a boiling summer night. I would rather make some coffee because to me making coffee is an art form.