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Mp3Realm.orgMp3Realm is a vertical search engine focused on Mp3s of course. It’s reminiscent of the music aggregating Hype Machine, which tracks music blogs and adds song links to their database to be streamed by its readers.

Mp3Realm, however, allows you to compile playlists and download songs for free. Along with year, album, playtime and source site, the site displays file size, and link status. Lyrics are also available. Registering allows you to complete a profile, save searches and create playlists to be stored on the site’s servers. Tabs give you the option to search solely for audio or lyrics. The advanced search feature includes the option to search by genre, alphabetically, and by artist name. In Their Own Words

“Mp3Realm is an evolving search engine focused distinctively on audio in Mp3 format. Mp3Realm allows you to search for your favorite songs and clips, and filter them out by file duration. Your searches can be based on artist, title, genre or album. Mp3Realm also index’s lyrics, so you can sing along to your favorite songs. Our index of mp3’s is constantly growing and is updated daily with fresh links, and removal of dead links. The speed of the download’s you find, will vary. This is because the files you download are not hosted by Mp3Realm servers, they are gathered from crawling the web. Mp3Realm hosts no mp3 files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is one cool vertical search engine. While there are dozens and dozens of new social music sites springing up, mp3 search hasn’t quite got the same sort of attention. This is simple and succinct. Mp3 lets you easily find and download the songs you want without having to go through the whole process o profile f recommendations or customized stations. Plus, the downloads are free.

Some Questions About

How many sites are crawled? Will this run into copyright problems? Will the engine expand its range to include other file formats?