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Movolo.comAll the different sites and services that one has to go through in order to get a trip together can end up draining his enthusiasm right before he has even set off. There should clearly be a better way to arrange a travel experience than going through 20 different sites in a row to find the best places to stay at, and at prices that are actually affordable.

Well, Movolo is a new entrant in the online travel space that aims to play that role, and simplify the processes in which people who are keen on traveling can actually gather all the information they could need.

Movolo will let you specify where it is that you are located and the place that you want to head to (and when) for a list of affordable options to be produced. Information like the number of people in your party has also to be supplied. And in case you are not in the mood for typing, you can use the provided interactive maps to pinpoint your exact location and the places you want to go to. And Movolo is actually a door-to-door engine, so that you can keep things as specific as you want. In Their Own Words

Travel made simple.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it simplifies traveling abroad to just no end.

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Where is all that data pulled from?