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MostMiles.comFor a limited time, Barclays Bank is offering a MasterCard credit card which allows users to earn miles to travel on US Airways. Unlike most of the credit card signup sites, which request an invitation, you can go on to fill in the form and see if you can get approved for the card directly online.


The site advertises two similar cards: they are both good to use around the world, and you get a substantial bonus prize for signing up, only one has an annual fee to it, and the other one is free (and has fewer benefits); all the details on interest rates and cost of the cards can be found under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link. Other than being more comfortable, signing up online has its perks: users will get 10 free issues of Time magazine as well. The application form is considerably short, and allows users to sign up for an additional card; once they’ve completed and submitted the form, the site checks it and informs the user whether she is applicable for the card or not, and if the outcome is positive, the user confirms the card request and presto: start shopping and flying.


Author : Steve Dixon

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